The Most Amazing Lasagna Recipe Ever! | Healthy Family Dinner Recipes

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Today I’m sharing the best lasagna recipe I’ve made to date with a pumpkin ricotta, spinach and turkey and mushroom sauce that you’re going to love. Perfect family dinner idea for to meal prep on a Sunday and enjoy all week long!


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  1. Kaci Hampton says:

    I don't usually like lasagna but this looks delicious! I think we'll try it?

  2. Jessica West says:

    Cannot wait to try!! Have you ever used daiya cheese? I wonder how their dairy free mozzarella shreds would work on top!

  3. Marwa Abdelrahman says:

    Please there is no need for first few secs of the video it is meaningless, I love you please accept my criticism:)

  4. Scott Reacher says:

    Could you use TVP instead of Turkey? Could I add in other veggies too? Thanks!

  5. Alisha Naaz says:

    I want to tell you today….that you are reason I learned to cook and surprisingly enjoying it too.
    As a law student living alone in Toronto and taking care of myself is not the easiest of task. BUT you inspired me through several of your videos on how to be healthy and enjoy a fresh meal. I love you for that! You are awesome

    Ps: I’m writing this comment as I am having a bowl of your coconut chai oatmeal!

  6. Megan O. says:

    This looks great Nikole! And can easily be made vegan, which I appreciate! Also, I LOVE your makeup look here! I'm definitely copying it! haha Your skin looks fantastic!

  7. Kelsey Decker says:

    How much mushrooms? Your recipe in the description box doesn't have them listed under the ingredients

  8. mgusanito097 says:

    Could you do a pumpkin pasta if you dint have one already please! I can't find the video if you do

  9. Faith Kristina says:

    Do you have any suggestions to use instead of turkey for an added bit of vegan protein? 🙂

  10. healthyeatingalways says:

    I love your lasagna pan!! This looks like a very yummy fall dish. I do a similar lasagna, but instead of pumpkin I do roasted butternut squash and make a bechamel sauce in addition to the marinara and it's so decadent. Thanks for the fall idea 😀

  11. Mary Wilkins says:

    Does the pumpkin add sweetness to the lasagna? I always use a little sugar to cut the bite of the tomato sauce.

  12. sofia pl says:

    Hi! I love your recipes and want to try this one out. I've looked at the recipe over on your blog and realized that you've missed to put mushrooms in your ingredients list so I have no clue of the quantity. Could you please correct that or at least put it somewhere accessible? Thank you very much! ILY

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