The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

Can you name the waterfalls in this video?

There are several waterfalls from all around the world in this video. After each waterfall the video will pause for a few seconds and then the name and place of the waterfall will be given.

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  1. Torbjørn Anderson says:

    Is this serious? There's a several "waterfalls" here who hardly can be called waterfall. Only in Norway we have at least 50 waterfalls who is much more beatiful and impressive than several of those creeks. And why isn't Salto de Angel here?

  2. Faith Fore says:

    Victoria Falls Zimbabwe is really beautiful, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world

  3. AG hisabna kingebir Alena says:

    Please name of this amazing beautiful river, which country is it

  4. ramisha multimedia says:

    জীবনে প্রথম যারে লেগেছে ভালো, যে আমার এই মনে জ্বেলেছে আলো। সে আর কেউ নয়, শুধুযে তুমি …….বলিনি যার কথা কখোনো।

  5. Anders Vinther says:

    Where is Angel Falls in Venzuela 979 meters and Iguazu Brazil/Argentina there are much lager than Victoria Falls?

  6. frigofrig says:

    Truely fabulous Series. Perhaps you have been through the channel Frigofrig?

  7. Josue Martinez says:

    Salto del Angel Waterfall is the highest one in the World and you dont have it in your video. 👎👎

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