Thirsty German Shepherd Chasing Female Labrador In Heat | Dark Sable GSD Off Leash

Why You should never invite a Labrador To Dinner. Dark Sable German Shepherd Chasing Female Labrador in Heat. Spartan Sprint Race Schedule 2018. Hiking with Krypto, Yg, & LOLA!!!

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Why Are Kryptos Paws Red?

Watch Krypto Ride In My Nissan 350z


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  1. Rycx says:

    I don’t understand how people can hate on you, i love your channel a lot as it really does show what it’s truly like to own a canine, let alone a husky as they sometimes get a bad rep as well. You deserve more subs man 🙌🏻

  2. Billis Kilis says:

    Having essay exams on 7 hours nothing better than a kze vid before bed.

  3. Original Game says:

    Damn bro i never noticed you hadd 100k subs already i been here since 7k subs 😃 where was darat tho

  4. Dutch Demon says:

    Why are you underrated
    I mean people love dogs right, what’s better then this channel?

  5. The Thinking Noodle says:

    Woooo your back with the vids (I’m subbed) and what dog food do you feed Krypto?

  6. AkitaRex says:

    Lol yg shoved his face into the labradors butthole 😂 he is one desperate dog!

  7. Lewis High says:

    His dog wanted to get off lead if you at least try to let him off he will follow the others it is a pack thing

  8. Isabella Torres says:

    Kryto go get you that lil thang and if she says no show her the grind

  9. SisterSaige says:

    That’s how Rose is when we go hiking she wants to be the leader 😂

  10. Jacob Hernandez says:

    @KzE_Production to get the yellow stain off the lights of your car just scrub it with vinegar

  11. Golden Mangle says:

    Why dont u color his tail blue that will be amazing for one georgeus dog😘😘😘

  12. Nighter says:

    I'm watching your videos for a long time and I didn't notice that I still haven't subscribed ._.

  13. You Can't Stop The Scout says:

    Should have made Krypto take a dump on their obstacle corse when they started shouting "no no no!"

  14. Katie Cook says:

    Have you ever heard of canicross? I bet you two would be winners if you tried it!

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