Torrey Pines State Reserve – North San Diego Hiking

– Torrey Pines State Reserve – Hiking In Torrey Pines and North San Diego. Pictures of the beach and trails.

There’s more to Torry Pines park than its famous trees. Over five miles of trails crisscross the bluffs that dominate the park, affording spectacular views of the beach to the west and the lagoon to the east. On a clear day you can see south to La Jolla and north to Encinitas. Of the six trails at the park, only the broken hill trail exceeds a mile in length. The others are 1/2 to 3/4 miles, but all have constant elevation changes to keep your heart rate up. Still, parking at the bottom of the bluff and walking up to the trail heads at the top will provide you with your best workout.


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