Ultra light tents are carried around the world. Having a tent that does the job is a must, Check this tent out, it may fit your needs.

  1. MrSIXGUNZ says:

    Ok a new tent that's really different !! All you really need is a spot to sleep. Heck enough room covering ground to put your pack and boot's. Thanks much for sharing this awesome tent !! Blessings 😇🇺🇸

  2. kabaruser says:

    Great little tent I have a one man bivy tent that I used a couple of times to tight lol take care brother

  3. Ellis Holcomb says:

    I was trying to leave a comment having a bad day hard to hit the right key wish you all the very best until next time my friend hope you are doing good may God bless you and your family

  4. Eat Carbs Outdoors says:

    I gotta admit.. I checked the link and checked out the states. Not a bad tent at all brother.
    Not a bad price either.
    Thanks for the video

  5. willy p00 says:

    Are the seams taped and sealed? It's coated with silicone, which may require the special silicone seam sealant. Does it come with the sealant if not pre sealed?

  6. Edogawa1117 says:

    Thanks for the review.
    Good timing as well since I am shopping for a new one.
    Thanks again.

  7. Shawn Caney says:

    Ah man kull had the US hash brown more today and another great kull video
    Whooooo buddy

  8. r rotsky says:

    i like your video ,keep posting your a true survivaliste you will survive youtube !

  9. yveskc1 says:

    Nice to se how to set up the tent. I think it would be great for a lots of hikers who weigh there gears and are luggage restricted. Thanks for sharing with us and ATB!

  10. TurtleWolf Pack says:

    Not a bad looking little unit and in all honesty is Bush Types can benefit quit a bit from the ultralight gear people if we want to.

  11. the mi woodsman says:

    nice review Wayne , it would make a nice ultra light set up and or survival shelter to get out of the elements indeed !
    atb john

  12. Chris Baker says:

    Nice tent thinking of getting one. But the specs on the sites are not much help. Can you measure the inner tents actual width and length?

  13. Chris Baker says:

    Another question is this a double wall tent or a single/hybrid style? Thanks for any help havent had any luck contacting the sellers on alexipress.

  14. Terry W. Milburn says:

    Just enough room for ya to git outa the weather & In-comin' bugs      ATB  T  God Bless

  15. Florida Backyard Living says:

    That’s totally amazing, that’s gotta be a mental relief from not carrying all that weight, plus so easy on the back lol, very very nice set up, between that and a hammock your set for life, you really do an amazing job on making videos thank you so much

  16. The Norwegian One says:

    Good for longer hikings I guess. Personally I prefer a two man tent for canoeing trips when there's more gear. But still, maybe good with a one man tent like yours when portaging though. Maybe the paddles could be used as poles.. Thanks for sharing and the poles tips!

  17. Chris Baker says:

    Tent is on several different Chinese sites. The reason I was asking on the width in the banggood as others the width measurements are 35in or so, looks like they include the vestibules in that. This will make the sleeping area very small now if the sleeping area is 35 or so inches wide that is nice and this is a doable tent even though it is a single layer tent. I was hoping you could actually measure it to check their specs. They tend too fudge numbers some etc. and use misleading photos.

  18. Chris Baker says:

    Thanks, I a really like this one. My walmart ozark trail is on its last go. I have the one that is the big agnes copy very good tent after a few mods. I may try to mod this one by making it a double wall just redo the mesh part. Thanks again for your help this is the first video of this tent I have found great job..

  19. ed swede says:

    ok , gotta know please, what are you carrying and in what holster please, looks good on you!

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