Ultralight Wading Boots for Men and Women

When developing the Ultralight boots one of our biggest challenges was reducing weight without sacrificing support and traction. The Ultralight boot for both men and women is the lightest boot we’ve ever made…In fact it’s 30% lighter than the industry average, making it one of the lightest boots on the market.

Let’s take a look at how we built this boot.

A hiker cut allows for better mobility than traditional wading boots without sacrificing support.

The padded foam collar adds additional comfort when wet wading.

The upper is built using Clarino nylon microfiber, for a strength-to-weight ratio that beats traditional leather.

Mini ripstop panel maintain durability without adding bulk.

In high-wear zones, we used an abrasion resistant rubber spray that reduces the weight of traditional rubber protection.

Tightly woven laces improve abrasion resistance, helping to extend their life on the water.

The EVA midsole was developed with Vibram to improve stability and comfort while giving you better river-feel.

An internal TPU plate offers stability and solid stud retention.

The Vibram outsole combines their MegaGrip and IdroGrip compounds for optimal wear and sticky traction where you need it most.

Not only are these boots lightweight and comfortable, but when packed with the Ultralight jacket and Waders they take up less than one cubic foot of luggage space, and weigh less than six pounds…That’s a huge benefit when traveling, not to mention a lot less weight to carry on the water

For more information on Women’s Ultralight Wading Boots visit:

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