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  1. heartnlovely says:

    Excited cause I’m hoping to go to cal poly slo next year. I will know if I got in sometime before April 1st. Who else hates waiting for college acceptances

  2. Sonia Michelle says:

    I think ever girl that is watching this would agree that we all want to be ur friend!!!! 💕✨ u r so hilarious and beautiful and so wholesome! YAAAS BREAD AND HUMMUS !!’

  3. Delilah Rivera says:

    You said you're studying to be a nutritionist so I was just wondering if it's based off of eating vegan or still including meats and dairy?

  4. Emma Eastwood says:

    Love this and the rest of your videos!! I just started my own channel and would really appreciate you checking it out (and maybe even subscribing??? 😉) 💛 xoxo

  5. danielamitric says:

    What is it now with everyone being so comfortable with telling the world when they are menstruating. Be a lady!

  6. Usually I dont comment but you are my favourite youtuber at the moment 😀 You are so beautiful 🙂

  7. Evgen Petsko says:

    I learned how to do it with WooPep. I think WooPep's guide is the best way to be salubrious.

  8. Atifa23 says:

    Love, love, LOVEEE your vlogs/cooking and vegan vids/makeup vids/basically everything!! Watching your videos makes me feel so light and positive. Don't know how you do it girl, but you exude some sort of positive vibe that just makes its way across countries and through computers loll. Can't wait to see more! P.S. Tattoo looks AMAZING!

  9. OMGjeshka says:

    yessss to the fifty shads soundtracks!! lol my guilty pleasure listening to it

  10. Ariana Lucero says:

    Where did you get your comforter from?? I've been looking for one like that and cannot find one anywhere! Also, my major is nutrition too! 🙂

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