Vlog #29: A Photographic Journey through the Grand Canyon – PART 3

Full details and links to Part 1 & 2:
The final episode to my photographic trek through the Grand Canyon. We finally make it out of the back country and into the mainstream trails… and even finally to the top!

  1. Michael Cothran says:

    I have really enjoyed this trilogy of videos thru the Grand Canyon. Once again I have to comment on the great quality of your posted images. In particular, I am thoroughly impressed by your post processing skills. Perhaps, you could consider doing an instructional video sometime demonstrating your processing techniques & work flow.

  2. flpirate45 says:

    Well done Mandy,and happy birthday to you. Your my favorite couple. Thanks,great video

  3. John Bentley says:

    I loved watching your Grand Canyon adventure. The video and images were absolutely stunning. this looked like a very demanding and challenging trip and you are to be congratulated on completing it, especially given those blisters. Thank you for sharing.

  4. nibimocs says:

    "Any day I get to walk around with my camera is a good day". Amen to that! Excellent trip, excellent video, excellent photos! Thanks for sharing it all with us… glad I found your channel. Thanks for persevering! -Larry

  5. HB_Maverick says:

    Loved the video, the photography and the story! Years ago I had gone on several Grand Canyon hikes but only 2-3 days each; your trip was epic. I did have several family members and friends accompany my wife and myself on different hikes – cousins, aunts, a uncle and numerous friends. Each one of the hikes were memorable! The hikes included Kaibab Rim-to-Rim, Bright Angel, North Kaibab, Hermit trail and one other trail I don't remember the name of. We did hit snow on a hike starting Halloween one year, it is quite a different sight! I think it is time to go again…

  6. I Love RV Life says:

    Fantastic series. Thanks for the beautiful video and pictures of the canyon. This is one of our favorite places.

  7. Eric McDonald says:

    I hiked North Rim to South Rim when i was in college and worked at the Canyon one summer. Special experience. I have to admit had I been Mandy i would have bailed with those blisters. Glad you didn't! You guys are great and truly amazing. My wife and I visited the GC in 2017, her first view. Your photos and stories are powerful. Keep inspiring those of us left behind. Kendrick, you reminded all of us to value experience and others over things. Well said.

  8. Patsy Siep says:

    Mandy and Kendrick, What a special time! Mandy, one birthday you will never forget. 35 was the most amazing year for me and in view of your 35th-year start, one that will be amazing for you too. Thanks for sharing and way to roll through the tough times. Peace and keep enjoying each other.

  9. Karen Watts-Edwards says:

    Amazing journey and thank you so much for bringing back memories!! When we camped at Bright Angel we would leave camp super early so that we could be at the top of Devil's Corkscrew before the sun hit it, lol! The second half of the trail was always so much cooler (temp wise) My husband and I are planning a South Kaibab/Bright Angel hike next year and we plan on doing the hike out in two days and staying at Indian Gardens. I never did that when I was younger so I never took the hike out to the point, but I will this time after seeing your shots!! Losing weight and training on hills during the duration to get in shape again. Love to you and Kendrick!

  10. Ruth Arnold says:

    Amazing journey…amazing memories! Thanks for capturing and sharing both.

  11. Rikki Gould says:

    I have absolutely loved following your journey; thank you both so much for sharing it xx

  12. Johnny Boyd says:

    YAHOO…..thanks for doing this for us….those who would love to do this but know we never will be able to pull it off….

  13. Andrew Beasley says:

    Congratulations to the both of you for that amazing hike and big thanks for sharing it with us!
    Happy belated birthday from the U.K.
    Loved the snow – first time I had seen the canyon white.

    Please do a video showing how you pulled the colours out of the pictures 🙂
    Are you doing a special calendar just on the canyon for 2019?

  14. Tonya Johnson says:

    Wow, wow, wow! You two are amazing! This was so wonderful watch. It's funny, as you took us on your journey, I imagined myself doing it too, wondering how I would do. When you got to the 1st bridge, I went "nuh huh, no way." I become paralyzed at hights like that and I can not move. That would've been the hardest part for me and I probably would've had to turn around. Anyway, I can't say enough how inspirational you both are. I bet Kendrick felt so light when he was running without the pack on his back.

  15. Tomatoes in the City says:

    You are both amazing! Thank you for sharing your life and continuing to inspire me ❤️

  16. JR Long says:

    Thanks for sharing your amazing journey through the Grand Canyon. Very inspiring, and I am happy to live vicariously through your vlog. Maybe someday I can see parts of these lower canyon trails in person. Looking forward to not 1 or 2, but 3 photography workshops with you and Kendrick this year. Travel safely, and see you soon in your Austin second home.

  17. Carrie Mtn says:

    “Luckily it was all up hill!” What? Kendrick- you’re crazy! But what a wonderful trip. I remember going on a 10 day backcountry hike through Rocky Mtn National Park. The first day I thought I’d die- each day got better and better. I hated coming back into civilization. Thanks for sharing your trip and sparking my memories!

  18. Mike Shiels says:

    A truly outstanding series, simply amazing. The narrative was awesome, the videography was outstanding and the pics were unbelievable. It's never easy going into the Grand Canyon, and you guys were great.

    BTW, if you're looking to kick your freeze dried meals up a notch, check these guys out…they're from TX.


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