Walking in The Rain to Ou Choam Waterfall | Tent Camping & Prepare For Dinner

We just had lunch and had a break under the roof of Ou Choam Community office waiting to go Ou Choam waterfall. it was raining non-stop from lunch time. It’s already 3pm, we can’t wait anymore. Everyone get ready and walking under the rain to the waterfall as our destination for this trip is to see Ou Choam waterfall. We’re mountain hiking along the stream under the trees and slippery rocks heading to the waterfall. The water keep flowing very strong, a lady who have 2 kids asked our team leader to stop at step 4th of the waterfall as they’re afraid of big waterfall during the rain. It’s sad that we can’t see the waterfall but it’s safety first so we decided to play at 4th step of Ou Choam natural waterfall resort and walked back to the community office to set tents for camping and prepare for dinner. I flew my drone up in the sky to see Ou Choam ecotourism community from the sky. It’s so beautiful and green everywhere. I really can’t see the waterfall but the flowing stream from the waterfall. The waterfall is flowing from the mountain and covered by big trees, we can only see the green nature from above. Ou Choam waterfall ecotourism community is located at Samlot district in Battambang province in Cambodia, Southeast Asia.

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  1. bludclot says:

    Good to see you above a thousand subscribers again my friend! 🙂

  2. Paula Zayas says:

    Y'all do everything that I love to do i wish one they i can visit Cambodia great video guy's👍👍👍👍👍👍😘💓💓💓

  3. Frugal Outdoors & Camping says:

    Looks like everyone is having a great time.Rain or sunny day, enjoy every moment in the nature.

  4. Sitha Godfrey says:

    I watched your video all the time just didn't get to comment sometime. I've noticed you're getting better with your drone shot. Have you ever lost the drone before? Just curious. I want to get one.

  5. Nisotha Pic says:

    Again I love to watch your video since your very first video on the other name and I am still watching, I knew all of you guys well educated and I hope you guys set a simple for other people, by cleaning up after you guys leave ,let people following your good behavior. Again thanks you for your time and your video I love it all.

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