Watch: Owl ‘Swims’ for Its Life in Rare Video | National Geographic

See rare video of a swimming great horned owl. Hikers walking through a canyon in Lake Powell between Arizona and Utah stumbled upon the rare sight. It’s likely a young great horned owl and still has some of its nestling feathers. Great horned owls often roost on cliff ledges, so it’s possible the young owl fell into the water from its nest. Seeing an owl swim is unusual, and they have no way to defend themselves while in the water. Owls are unable to take flight while swimming, so they must leave the water and dry their feathers before flying.
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Derrick Zuk

Watch: Owl ‘Swims’ for Its Life in Rare Video | National Geographic

National Geographic

  1. Dawn FKA hamilton-doerfler says:

    If someone was following it with a camera, maybe they through it in the water

  2. Ella Kim says:

    I hope the owl's is alright..😢
    but the fact the owl swim's better than me..😭 made me cry..I can't even float on the water..😭

  3. Scarlet Peoni says:

    So hikers filmed the owl and let it's feathers get wetter and wetter rather than help it back up 😬

  4. إبن حوبج says:

    At the end I was like wow what a cute 🦉 owl thanks natgeo for sharing this beautiful video

  5. MHMMM says:

    I would've offered my shoulder to it and it would perch there while I waded through the water lol

  6. Sanjeev Dandekar says:

    Amazing resilience in nature! Hope it survived the ordeal

  7. Cacob Plays says:

    Thats a oddly looking fish you've got there (joking i know its a owl)

  8. Philip says:

    Getting ready for the Owlympics, held on Halloween Night, of course.

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