We’re in a Magazine! Special Guest Hike in Austin

State Parkers (Clint and Melody Parker) would like to thank Brian Kevin of Outside Magazine for mentioning our channel in the September issue. The Article is about Adventure Archives and how YouTube has become a fascinating medium for regular people to inspire others by sharing their adventures. It’s an honor to share a page in a national publication with Robby, Bryan, Andrew and Thomas of A.A.

On this hike I bring along a long time friend from grade school. Thanks to REI for having a copy of the magazine for us to purchase and enjoy. Austin, TX is a great place to romp around on foot. You never know what kind of interesting things you might see on the Trail. Melody McClellan did a great job of keeping the pace and mood of this adventure at top level. So much fun and sweat. Ants all over my backpack would have been an issue had it not been for her quick thinking. Common sense is a good thing to have.

Check out Adventure Archives:

Outside Magazine:

Music by Clint and Melody Parker
Video and editing by Clint Parker

Special thanks to our current patrons:
David Goodridge
Nancy Rice
June Rousey
Yvonne Rodriguez
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Cameras used in this video:
Sony FDR-AX33 4K Cam
Sony Action Cam HDR-AS100V
DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Some other gear I use:
Marmot Precip Jacket
Kuhl Renegade Pants/shorts/hats
Prana Halle Pants
FITS Socks, SmartWool Socks
Keen Durand Hiking shoes
Keen Saltzman Hiking shoes
Icebreaker Merino Base layers
Osprey Packs
The North Face Mica 2 Tent
The North Face Blue Kazoo Ws sleeping bag
Marmot Nano Wave 35 sleeping bag
Nemo Astro sleeping pads
Goal Zero charging devices and lamps
Black Diamond Spot
Phantom 3 Professional
MSR Pocket Rocket stove
DeLorme Earthmate App
And much more!
Editing Station:
Custom Core i7 x6700 4ghz
32gb Ram
Asus GTX 1080 Graphics Card
Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
Steinberg Cubse

  1. GPC…shes witty for sure. Elevendy years……??? lol…that Batman car seat is AWESOME.

  2. Cameron's Ultralight Backpacking says:

    Very cool about the magazine mention. That would blow my mind if that ever happened to me. You have a great YouTube channel. I've been following along for a while now. Keep up the good work.

  3. David Goodridge says:

    Congrats on being in the magazine. Nice meeting Melody. Enjoyed the video…thanks

  4. Andres Natalino says:

    Awesome sauce, glad to see the channel back. There is so much to see just in the downtown and Zilker area Love the layers on the soundtrack too. Being mentioned in "outside" is just a small taste of what cross promotion can do!

  5. babydinosaur1 says:

    Congrats regarding the magazine! I will go out tomorrow and get a copy!

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