What Happens?!? RAW Food Fed To Large Dog (K9 Mukbang)

In this video my Blue Bay Shepherd Kurgan eats a RAW meal. He typically eats 2 meals a day. The ‘daily’ percentages ‘I’ use as a rough guideline are…

70% Meat
10% Bone
10% Organ
10% Fruit/Veggie/Berries

These guidelines are for the ‘whole day’ and not necessarily ‘each meal’. It is the totals of their 2 meals combined. His 2nd meal later in the day will include some ground beef mixed with some fruit and veggies I ran through a food processor, a chicken leg quarter and whole egg (including shell)

*To answer a question I know I will get in the comments:

Yes, it’s OK to feed your dogs ‘RAW’ bones. It’s only cooked bone you should never feed your dogs – including those large Smoke Bones they sell at pet stores. Cooking the bone makes it undigested, brittle and prone to causing obstruction of the g-track and a perforated bowel. Canines are meant to digest raw bones and have been doing it for millions of years. Don’t take my word for it though, I’m just some guy on YouTube… lol. Do your research. I’ll provide some links down below if you’d like to do that. I’ve been feeding this way for over 20 years with great results.

People often ask… “what about salmonella?”. 18% of dogs carry salmonella as a natural part of their gut flora. Canines have stronger digestive juices and a shorter G-track then humans making them designed to deal with RAW food bacteria.

*Muk-bang or mukbang is an online broadcast in which a host eats large quantities of food, while interacting with their audience. Usually done through a webcast.

I feed my dogs the B.A.R.F. Diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods). Here are a couple of books on the B.A.R.F. diet I recommend by DVM Ian Billinghurst.

Give Your Dog A Bone

Grow Your Pups with Bones: The BARF Program For breeding Healthy Dogs And Eliminating Skeletal Disease

Here is a good online resource if you are looking to get started feeding your dog a raw diet…

RAW Food amount calculator – How much to feed

Vet GivesThe Health Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs…

Watch video and check out article linked below on the dangers of commercial pet foods and myths about feeding raw…

Some other RAW feeding videos I recommend below…

Is It Expensive To Feed Your Dog RAW Foods?

Does RAW food make dogs aggressive?

Guide to feeding dogs RAW food

How to feed your dog RAW food

How to feed your puppy RAW food

***Here is a playlist of 90+ videos of my dogs and puppies eating various things on the raw diet…

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  1. Choc Brown says:

    I've heard that you should avoid feeding weight bearing bones of large animals because of the density of them is that true

  2. Glinda Wilson says:

    Hey! Thanks for taking time to share. Beautiful dogs. Love your new tats. Have blessed day glinda

  3. Mike Ghost says:

    Your thumbnail is scary, but we know it isn't how they respond to being fed raw foods. Lol.

  4. David Rikers Island says:

    You have made me a believer in the raw food diet for dogs and I plan on feeding my dog this diet when I get one so thank you sharing the information about the raw food diet and the benefits it has for dogs AKA K9's ???

  5. Volker08 Von Weiss says:

    Bought the BARF books, awesome reads indeed. My 9 week old GSD has enjoyed his first week of awesome raw goodness and absolutely goes bat shit crazy at feeding time. I get as exited to watch him eat as he does eating, Love it!!! Many Thanks Mr. Chadde for your tireless efforts to spread the good word for our furry companions!!

  6. GSD K9Rex and Mads says:

    hahaha Lobo fooled you this time he ate up before Kurgen lol, Great info again Brormand. Wow lots of bees there,like 81

  7. I believe the thumbnails u choose to use encourages the stereotypes concerning agressivity and feeding raw food to your dog

  8. K-9 Unit Around the World says:

    Chad :") NICE as ALWAYS 🙂 happy for your dogs 🙂 nice ? healthy and easy 🙂 Thumbs UP 104!

  9. crystalwolf2006 says:

    You sound like you're a little under the weather. If so, I hope you feel better soon! I know it's a gross question for some people. But what do their stool look like, or should look like? Alex has been on raw for three weeks now and while he's always had small stools, and while they're firm, they are almost non existent in size now. lol

  10. boggero meats says:

    I have a question, i have a ten year old german shepard, every time i have a guest he is always by their side, sleeps with them, and totally ignores me.

  11. It's very interesting to watch a dog eat if it's your first or 100th time you never get bored watching them.

  12. Laura's Life says:

    All those Bees must be irritating to the dogs. One of my old dogs went to fetch her ball and got hit by a wasps nest.Luckily she was trained to roll on command.I still had to pick some off her. Poor old thing. My young Zed loves her Rabbit : ) Thank you and great thumbnail .

  13. klio1212 says:

    It's midnight, and instead going to sleep I am watching your magnificent dogs !! I love them.

  14. cherryontop1990 says:

    I've managed to find a supplier for chicken feet in the UK – thanks to one of your videos. Could I ask, do you leave the claws/nails on the foot?

  15. pets and games says:

    kool, I feed my 14kg mutt raw, he loves it ^^ always excited about his food, when he was on kibble he would go days without eating from not liking it,

  16. Carl,s Vlogs says:

    Hi Chadd, the last videos were very impressive body art. This video just shows what is good for our dogs, have a great day regards Carl

  17. kirby90210 says:

    How did you train them to like eating on the palettes and taking their time to chew? What do you call those little platforms? When our dog eats he gobbles.

  18. Richard Parker says:

    Amazingly, dogs also like certain things more than others. Even if everything is good is picked out with the good the best.
    Kurgan and Lobo looks really good!

  19. Michael Scofield says:

    I started the switch from kibble to raw after watching your videos and my husky won't eat it… it's been 4 days… He has been eating kibble for 4 years so it's understandable but I still worry…

  20. Anthony Solis says:

    When feeding raw diet to a pup, would i need to feed it the same amount of food its entire lifetime (amount of food for a full grown rottweiler)? Or would I feed it the percentages for its current weight?

  21. Just wondering if you ever taken any of your dogs to any kind of training, and if you ever used any type of collars like prong or shock things like that and if not what are your thoughts on them?

  22. Ryan Lohman says:

    Since it's been about 4 months in switching my Malamute/Husky mix to a BARF food- he seems to vomit less, seems to be calmer and listens more. He also is a picky eater- there are some things (liver, gizzards) he wont eat. But when I give him chicken feet, wings, drums, beef chuck with bone, pork chops (rarely) lamb marrow bones- he loves them- I'll so give him shaved carrots, celery, and sometimes strawberries/raw eggs. Currently training Osiris off leash- I really want to hike without him running away. What do you recommend?

  23. michael visser says:

    My dogs are currently kibble fed. How would you recommend I make the switch? Little bit of raw food at a time or just make the switch over night to full raw?

  24. elizabeth johnson says:

    Thanks for this. I always have Gt Danes , all rescue dogs. Though I did have two rescue shepherds 10 or so years ago who were about to be euthenized when their elderly owner died and her sons would not take the dogs.. Now considering a raw diet and this is very useful information, am hoping that a raw diet may give the Danes a longer life ( not long lived usually, though the last girl managed 11.5 yrs before a spleenic tumour got her)…

  25. Pineapple Stag says:

    I just wanted to say I appreciate your videos so much! I have been binge watching all your feeding videos. All your dogs look stunning and healthy.
    My dog, Molly, of 15 years passed last year. She was an English staffy, Australian Kelpie mix. I noticed that she almost had a wiry brittle coat when on processed food and then when she was around 8 my mum started making dog food for her to cut costs which consisted of ground meat and frozen vegetables boiled in a pot. Molly's coat was much better after that and I can see that shine in your dogs. I'm getting a german shepherd pup at the end of next month and want to feed her on raw foods. I have done a lot of research but it is kind of hard to be certain it will work until I came across your videos.
    Thank you so much for giving myself and many others reassurance that this way of feeding does work and works long term. I never knew dogs could eat whole raw fish until I saw your videos and then went and did my own research on it. Again, your dogs are gorgeous! You are an amazing owner! Thank you for sharing! 😀

  26. Alex Huxley says:

    I’m guessing that all that bone crunching cuts down on the tarter on their teeth.

  27. Giggles says:

    My dog has been on raw for 6 days. He would eat all of the chicken. Now, he has figured out how to eat the meat and leave most of the bone behind!! Ugh.. how Can I get him to eat his bones? Oh, he has diarrhea ?

  28. Hi. I’m wondering what beds you are using? I am needing some outdoor beds like that for my Poucher! They look like rubberized metal.

  29. Highlight Films says:

    Absolutely love your dog's Wish I had the black one to protect me Lol They earned that steak!!!! One question Can they fetch sticks? Great video as always!!!!

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