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Can a $40 axe cut and split wood as well as a $300 axe? Today Wranglerstar puts three axes to the ultimate test. You may be surprised who comes out on top. The three contenders are the Estwing camp axe, Gransfors Bruks small forest axe, and the Autine polished hunters axe by John Neeman.

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  1. chris peterson says:

    Soak the handle in antifreeze or put in a bigger wedge. Wood handles = maintenance

  2. Oscar Lechuga says:

    Great review, … nothing like an "Autine" axe, loose head notwithstanding.

  3. Theophilus Jedediah says:

    That fit was just lazy on a $300 axe. But man do they make some hot axes in the $4=$600 area that are worth putting your own superior handle on. Handles ate a personal thing anyway

  4. Michael Groesbeck says:

    I despise that curved handle.

    The Estwing just requires skill & then it will exceed the other axes in cutting. It was never intended to be a splitter, it's more like a machette. It can however be used as a hammer on another axe/wedge so long as the log is posted/fenced.

    Don't waste money.

    Personally, I bought a cold-steal pole-hawk. It split ok & it also cut well while also being able to bite around brush to cut into the stalk for bush clearing & the like. The head is also removable & great for minimalist storage.

    To each their own.

    However, when it comes to long-term survival, I would use a full-sized axe with a block-head & traditional handle.

  5. Young Guns says:

    The John Neeman axes look neat, but way too expensive for a good axes. The Bruks is what I'm gonna get.

  6. Robert Pitcher says:

    That head was coming off from the first test! Ripoff… Liam Hoffman all the way👍

  7. jens jense says:

    gränsfors is ofc the best, if used the bigger one more similar to the expensive autine it would win this test without doubt

  8. Wild Canadian Outdoors says:

    I split wood with my Estwing, splits great just need power, does everything else great to

  9. Mason Wray says:

    Im only 2 min in and ive already noticed that your cuts are far different with each ax and unless that has to do with handling thats just misrepresenting how they cut you started several different cuts with the cheap on but stayed in your groves on the expensive one

  10. Micheal Reid says:

    I have had an est wing for 35 years same one, still cuts, still in the camping gear. It cost 32.00$

  11. SuperQuickfix1 says:

    Handle grain on the Autine looks like it break if you tried to tap the but to tighten the head.

  12. Duke Makedo says:

    The beauty of the Estwings are the price, and the bulletproof durability. I do think you demonstrated that the long taper of Estwing lessens its performance.

  13. Joe Burks says:

    For my money, the Autine would win. I have used axes most of my 68 years and never had one that didn't need the fit of the head adjusted. From very early on. No fault in the head of that axe. My best was (and still is) a Hudson Bay axe. Have had it for thirty some years. It is on its third handle. Not a fault – just the way the critters work…

  14. Keen Coyote says:

    Bro, I see your struggle to stay objective, despite being uncomfortable with the gift.
    All companies are giving samples (sometimes better quality than off the shelves) ppl like you, expecting a “thank you” review.
    Thanking god that you are not corrupt like most out there.
    The moment you showed the movement of top, I saw that little step and suspected a filler was inserted to save money on throwing or reshaping that handle.
    This is purely a cheap chines production attitude.
    Bless you.

  15. Bdub78 dub says:

    Regarding splitting ; doesn't it work much easier to start from the outside as opposed to attacking the heart wood?

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