Why Single-speed Mountain Bikes are Crazy Fun – Build & Ride

Today, we take my tired old hardtail mountain bike and turn it into a unique and fun shredding machine! Step one, switch out the 140mm suspension fork for a 150mm, and then take off all the gears. Yep, this video is for all of you single speeders out there. I’ve been to the dark side before, and I ain’t going back. This bike is staying as a single speed for skatepark, street riding, trail shredding, and hiking—’cause this thing can’t climb worth a sh*t!!!

Bike Park at End
Kolo Bike Park in Asheville Adventure Center. Single speeders ride for $5 all day Saturday!

Food Lion Skatepark in Asheville

Use this kit to convert your bike to single speed

Buy vomit bags if you plan on climbing

For those of you asking, my gear ratio is 32/16. This is no good for climbing, but I need it for sprinting. With a single speed you need to choose and commit!

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  1. Seth's Bike Hacks says:

    Is it a dirt jumper? Err not exactly. A DJ would have 26” wheels, slightly different geometry, slotted dropouts, and a shorter, stiffer fork. To me, this is more versatile than a DJ—and with all the great parts!

  2. DjRouge MtBkrUK says:

    Love your vids dude. I just bought myself a 26" Cannondale Chase single speed (I don't have a spare bike to do the same as you did). It does need a tensioner though, I think the seller took it off before sale. Can't wait to ride it 🙂

  3. Joe Webster says:

    Seth I’m going to do the same as your single speed idea but with a 29 er because why the hell not but also you inspired me

  4. dustin wilkins says:

    Love watchen your videos i have good mountain bike and thinking of building my little brother one iv talked him in to going trail ridding after watching your videos

  5. Tombro says:

    Sorry but how can you over tighten a brake lever? It’s not like they need to be on really tight and If you have any mechanical sympathy you don’t need to use a torque wrench lol

  6. Mtb Life says:


  7. Trym Hammerstøm Gisiger says:

    Does it matter what conversion kit o use, or can I use all out there?

  8. Chazza Coleman says:

    @SethsBikeHacks I have a not very good bike and was wondering if you have a old but good mountain bike I could have ??

  9. Yoloj0hn-c3nA-Doge010 says:

    thats why i love singlspeed. Since my DJ i would never drive a bike with gears haha.

  10. Drew Cama says:

    OMG Seth your my idol! I just got a converted hard tail single speed at the beginning of summe and I can't do anything on it, yet. I've taken it to the small skate park and the half pipes are to small to ride up and down, for me. I cant bunny hop to save my life. I've dropped in on the boul and finally found my way out. I got 6 inches of air on the table top finally. My goal is to hop the spine before end of summer. I took it out to some small trails and had a good catapult over the handle bars. Luckily I'm good at falling. I'm 52 and I aint giving up! Some day well I can only wish to be as confident and competent as you. Defiantly my new favorite channel.

  11. Jeremy B says:

    I had an aluminum 26" beach cruiser I fitted with MTB bars, a front brake, some MTB pedals, and a knobby front tire. I called it my "repack", reminescent of 70's CA downhill scene, with the likes of Gary Fischer flying down the tracks on coast brakes. That was a fun ass bike, I gave it to a lady who needed to get back and forth to work. Still miss it, sometimes.

  12. heavystarch100 says:

    I sometimes wish I was smaller! You killin it! You look like Baby Finster! I'm 6ft 6in tall and 275 every bike I ride looks like I'm on a 20in!! You're a tiny hairy badass! Lol

  13. Lars3 says:

    I rode mountain bikes as a kid, but went full roadie as a teenager. I'm 33 now and last year I got my first mountain bike in 20 years, a Kona Unit 27.5+. I figured if I was going to go back to MTB I might as well do it in the most fun way possible. I can't imagine owning an MTB with gears at this point, although I do think front suspension is in my future.

  14. Adam Wood says:

    Holy Cow was it the video making it look like you were bombing those hills, or were you just bombing those hills. Nice video.

  15. Kam Lowe says:

    Hey, can someone tell me what the song at the start of the video is 🙂

  16. Jose Eriberto Pacquing says:

    Hi Seth. Have you tried a single speed on a full suspension? Hopefully you could make a video out of it. – rad bmx'er here.

  17. Gabe Dobrozsi says:

    My brother Sam is the kind of guy to ride a 6hr mtb race, solo, single speed, and then win.

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