WIND, COLD and Canoe Trip Safety with Joe Robinet

Part 2 of our April Canoe Trip. Joe and I discuss our different gear and provide safety tips early spring canoe trips.

  1. Tina Deutsch says:

    Love the interactions between the 2 of you. What video, camera, lens, drone, software do you use to make your beautiful documentaries?

  2. Todd Anderson says:

    Your sleeping bag may have felt colder due to more humidity in the air.. or, due to you being a bit older than your last trip out.. lol .. just busting on ya !

  3. Jeff Wise says:

    The two of you crack me up. Hope to see more collaboration videos with you and Joe. Been a big fan of the JetBoil for years.

  4. todd heil says:

    Great video, looks like you had fun. Glad you left spilling Joe's water in, that's part of camping!

  5. Jimbobwee says:

    Another great video Scott. Been with ya since the first one with Joe. Great content!

  6. Shashkin's Russian Bushcraft Channel says:

    Actually, you can try to protect your mouth next time when you're sleeping. Humid air brings a lot of cold to your lungs and your throat making you feel much colder. Also, if you are a side sleeper and tend to switch sides during the night, this makes your sleeping bag work much worse than you could expect. So, if you tend to turn from one side to another, I would recommend going with extra-long (230-240cm long) blanket-style sleeping bag, you will be able to wrap into it totally while also will be able to turn from one side to another inside the sleeping bag, not making a sleeping bag move itself.

    You could also try putting your gloves on – this would add some more psychological comfort. You can then also put your hands in your gloves into the pants pockets or just on your hips under your pants. This will add a bit more warmth.

    I've done down to -18C with 75% humidity and -15C with 85% humidity and I am a side sleeper who tend to turn from one side to another at least each 20-30 minutes. So, I know a lot about feeling a bit chilly inside the sleeping bag and how to fight it 🙂


    Great words of advice in this video, I just shared it with the guys that are joining me on our May 2018 7 day Algonquin trip.

  8. Matt LaClear says:

    Another great video, Scott. Would had loved sitting around the campfire with you two.

  9. Warrens Wilderness Woodlore Alaska Boreal Bushcraft says:

    There is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing choice

  10. Steve Morris says:

    Enjoyed watching this trip….you show great content Scott and it’s very well put together. That drone footage sure works well in the outdoors. I enjoy seeing both perspectives on camping kit etc and I’m with you on making camp life as easy as possible. Thanks for your efforts in allowing others to share your adventures.

  11. Conor Wild Adventures says:

    nice job Scott. great intro. I love it that you left in the part where you knocked over Joes water a few times😂. looking forward to the next one.

  12. ISashaI says:

    I carry that same Arc'teryx bag, wouldn't trade that thing for any other piece of my kit

  13. mushercdn says:

    Informative and entertaining. Your videos are great. Thanks for making them.

  14. Muddy Boots & Camp Tales says:

    Hi Scott. followed the link from Joe Robinets page. Really like your film, edit and YouTube production skills… nice work and good inspiration for future output… thanks and keep it going!

  15. On The Trail With Cool Socks says:

    I have the Keb jacket but its cold and not wind, rainproof. I switched to Arcteryx.

  16. Big Jimmy The Bordertown Idiot! says:

    New subscriber. Found you through Joe. Good stuff!

  17. Shiny Nickel says:

    I've seen you in Joe's videos before, but I'm new to your channel. I just subscribed.

  18. Edgewood Outdoors says:

    Nice couple of videos my friend. Looked great out there, and great tips.

  19. SKoutdoors says:

    You are very lucky man to get to camp and learn from Joe. Very good part two. Enjoyed both videos.

  20. Old Goat in the Woods says:

    DUDE! Not once, but twice?! Absolutely funny!! About shot-out my coffee thru my nose when that happened. Good stuff & keep it coming!

  21. Martin Parent says:

    Great video, great conversations. Keep up the good work and enjoy your new gear!
    -Martin (From Windsor)
    PS: Southern Ontario boys really do crave the wilderness!

  22. P Toth says:

    Make sure to film and document the building of the paddles. That is if they let you film it of course.

  23. Mike Lemons says:

    Great video.
    Joe better watch out you might steal all his subscribers lol 😉

  24. Fast track axeman says:

    Love it guys, no right or wrong, just what is right for you at the time is right.

  25. Drew Vanderiviere says:

    Really enjoyed the video! One thing I'm wondering is how did you get the footage of you guys canoeing. Does your drone have a sort of auto pilot feature?

  26. Little PAW 1969 says:

    Thank goodness your not camping in the desert. LOL! Awesome adventure.

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