Women Go Above And Beyond To Save 3 Dogs Abandoned In The Mountains

Many people love hiking up in the mountains. These landscapes are undeniably beautiful, and reaching the summit can be a real adventure. Is there really any better way to spend time in the great outdoors?

Yet the mountains can also be extremely dangerous. There’s a risk of falling from great heights, and the higher the elevation means the air becomes colder and thinner. Not to mention, there are some dangerous critters living up there, from bears and mountain lions to venomous spiders and snakes.

So when a trio of dogs became trapped high up in the mountains, it was critical that they be rescued as soon as possible. Yet the terrain wouldn’t make it easy…

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—-Audio BY: Ken Brooks: Facebook.com/Voiceguyken

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  1. Carolyn Nunes says:

    Hope 4 Paws does it again-rescuing the 3 sister pups! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Awww!much respect to the lady who took such risk to rescue these pups.People with a kind heart are showing humanity is around.Salute to you and thank you for rescuing these lovely pups!!God bless!❤??

  3. Edie Koller says:

    Hope For Paws is a great organization. They are in my area and I wish I could help donate but I cannot afford to right now.

  4. rubymimosa says:

    Pretty neat to see y’all feature a group I’ve supported for years. Eldad is pretty amazing although I don’t think he was primary in this rescue (I’ll have to rewatch it but I think Loretta lead on this one)

  5. elizabeth johnson says:

    This is a stupid… three pups do not get trapped on a mountain side they must have been dumped. You have stolen this and not shown the whole rescue from Hope For Paws…. clickbait and disgusting because of you stealing it..

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