Yooper Tours: On Da North Country Trail – Section 6

A spontaneous hike across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the North Country Trail. I couldn’t do it all in one time, so I broke the 550 miles into 9 sections.

Section 6 the Porcupine Mountains during peak fall color. Storms had ripped through in the week before and made a mess out of the trails. Bridges were washed out and there was standing water on about 50% of the trail, but the scenery was amazing as it always is in the Porkies.

  1. Rainswept Flower says:

    i am a simple woman. i see a yooper tours video, i click like. XD ♥

  2. R.P. McMurphy says:

    Your videos are awesome man. I was gonna do the AT I feel there will be more people on the AT then the NCT in the u.p. and thats the whole reason I wanna go on my hike is to be alone. Do some soul searching. Thanks for the videos man.

  3. Pilgrim777 says:

    Thanks for another awesome video and great camera work! I tried going across the U.P. back in June, but there was just way too much rain this year and the bugs were ridiculous. Hopefully I'll get a chance to get back up there later this fall. If you're looking for solitude, this is definitely a good trail to hike. The lake Superior shoreline is always awesome!

  4. buttwheat75 says:

    Any reason why the trail is so poorly maintained in that area?  Don't they have a local NCT chapter?    If they want the NCT to become like the other marquis trails, they will have to get that taken care of.   Great vids!

  5. M. Miller says:

    Really enjoying your videos man. I just moved to MI from Colorado and got the idea in my head to do a UP thru next summer. There is surprisingly not a lot of info out there on what to me seems like a really cool month-long hike. Yours are the only videos or even accounts of a UP thru/section hike I've been able to find!

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